week 6: computer-controlled machining


Most challenging week so far
Since our Shop Bot is yet to be assembled, we have major challenges making something big. For this assignment, I took up one of the interior design project in my studio. The project brief was to design a wall in the arrival area of an apartment which is welcoming. This is the central area from where one access all the other rooms in the house. Behind the wall there is pooja room (worship room in Hindu house). And the is a slit window in the wall from worship room. Conceptually I though of using this wall to write a spiritual message which is symbolic of worship room spreading positive energy in the house. I used window as the origin of the energy that spreads a wave in the regular grid. Script for this has been done in Rhino + Grasshopper. Decision of making it in stone was prerequisite. Over the 2D generated pattern, script of soft mounds/pillows had been overlaped. (Ref: 3D dreaming). A gradient of height is created from the same points of attractors which were used to create wave pattern.

Model in Rhino and Grasshopper definition

2D drawing

Renders showing integration of lights and LEDs at the nodes

Screen shot of Prototype
A 600 x 600mm tile has been chosen to prototype at 1:1 scale. We sent this to industrial machine for production. File format- .stl.

Render of Prototype

Prototype as milled (CNC router)