week 5: electronics design

This week's assignment was to design and fabricate a pcb (echo hello world board) and add components like the button and the LED and also check its working by an AVRISP.

The Design
The design of the board was done in eagle. I had no experience with eagle and it was completely new to me but the ASS20 tutorials proved to be a great help and I could kick start the assignment. I added the necessary components from the eagle libraries to the schematic diagram and then checked the board diagram as well and routed all the connections. Once this was done the board was ready to be fabricated /milled.

After completing the board layout I converted the PNG to .rml file for the ROLAND MODELLA machine to mill the pcb. The first milling attempt went wrong and we got the correct one in the second go.

After fabrication I made a list of the components to be soldered to the board. All parts were easily available in the CEPT FabLab and this made the job very quick!

Having done soldering before for the FabISP, it seemed an easy and enjoyable task now. My first attempt at soldering the hello echo board went wrong but the second attempt went very well and finally got everything right in the second try.

I verified that the 2nd circuit worked with the help of an AVRISP. It showed a green light which meant that that everything had been soldered properly and the board was being detected by the computer. It was now ready to be programmed.