week 12 networking and communications

For this assignment, I printed the boards and milled them. Ankita helped me in soldering them. I and Ashris did the programming together.

The bridge board was milled using ROLAND MODELLA from the trace image available in the Schedule page.
In odered to complete this assignment, we milled set of nodes two times. There was was an error in one of the nodes at first. Once that was milled and soldered again, the bridge broke out of one component while transporting from Lab to our studio. Once again we made bridge and we had another problem with node so milled and soldered.

The bridge board was soldered with the components by me.

The bridge was ready.

Similarly, the other two node boards were also milled and soldered

All the boards were successfully soldered.

The AVRISP gave a green signal and we were ready to code.

Using the serial C code file and the Makefile in Ubuntu, the bridge board was flashed as node id 0.

Finally, no errors. Similarly the other boards were flashed with node ids 1 and 2.

It worked! Whenever we entered a number in the Serial Monitor window in the Android IDE, the LEDs blinked in the pattern mentioned in the tutorials.