Henry Medina Rodríguez

I'm Henry Medina Rodriguez of Peru's capital Lima, well, never found a practical way to introduce myself so this is a great effort.
I've always believed that every human being is born to shine, so to speak because I'm the product of the films with motivational messages, poems of César Vallejo and Blanca Varela, and I did not understand mathematics, I wanted to understand the poems, convinced that mine are not mathematics wanted to be a lawyer, but at some point in life I saw that engineering is like a poem being my final career choice.
Three years before deciding to be an engineer, my father was fired for his age, was always convinced that research is the only way to take a country forward, but having a family with small children and dismissed the investigations were sidelined, he founded his small clothing company so that we hold, is how I choose to be an industrial engineer with a vocation for applied research.
Indeed I am of the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria in Peru (UNI), before they go to another school here that I did not feel happy because people in the same search as me: "What is extraordinary?", I left college after two and a half years without my parents knowing, but I knew 6 months later, I returned to school to prepare for college now apply to my liking, I took 3 years and 5 years had elapsed and a half without doing something extraordinary. Entry to the UNI, seeking the extraordinary, there I am dedicated to understanding and understanding when I had enough experience pseudo dedicated myself to disseminate, to search for people like me, but always ended up being just saw in this search, however, also responses arose from the extraordinary and it does not matter the "what", "How, " "When" and all questions, always the most important is "Who", who can feel happy with what you do, if a poor person can improve their quality of life, the more people can improve your work is what matters most, maybe I'm in search of affirmation of my father's answer, in short.