Applications and Implications

Here the description my project:

What will it do?
Well, the name of my project is "the garden", consisting in the artistic representation of the natural ecosystem by artificial elements. This ecosystem is affected by three types of inputs: the first is the human factor, which makes use online interface, the second is the environmental factor(light sensors, sound, etc.) where is installed the garden (FABLABLIMA), the third factor is the order elements.You can see the interaction en the follow image:

Who's donde what beforehand?
This project it's inspired in fluoralife, driven by Tommie Kerstens, this work is close what i want to do.

What materials and components?
I used the following elements:

--MDF for the manufacture of the cells
--Acrylic of 3 mm for the shape of flowers
--Flexible copper for the electrical connections
--Electronics components (resistor, diodes,sensors, etc.)
--Arduino IDE

Where will they come from? and How much will it cost?
All materials were used in the Fab Lab, and the cost aproximated of my project is the $250

What parts and systems will made?
I require design and manufacture:

--The cells: Solidworks designed and manufactured in the Shopbot, I used a 3mm drill
--The Flowers: Solidworks designed and manufactured in the Epilog
--The Electrical Connections: Solidworks designed and manufactured in the Roland
--Fabduino: Eagle designed adn manufactured in the Roland MDX-20

What processes will be used?
Joints Pressfit, programming in "Processing" for the interface online adn Arduino Ide for programming microcontroller

What tasks need to be completed?
The cells it is over, but the programming the internet interface and microcontroller it is so close.

What questions need to be answered?
What is this code more efficient?
What characteristics must be server?

What is the schedule?
The schedule is very very difficult, beacuse dependent of the abilities for determine the times, maybe is easy for you the assignments electronics, or maybe the programming, but I hope finish in the 6 months from start of the FABACADEMY.

How will it be evaluated?
Well, My project must evaluated for:
Capability of interaction of each cell with environment
Every Components manufactured (sensors, interface and the cells)