Mechanical Devices

This assignment consists in modify / assembly of one machine available list
The List It's here
This work was done with my partner Felix, we choose the mtm MtM Snap-Lock
The site is fairly intuitive, you can find everything you need so that it can build.  Initially the plan was to manufacture in MDF,but the measures were different than expected.

Here in Lima FabLab, we have a MtM, we decided to modify and we also intend to make another in the shopbot, for this we use the following planes:

The materials we use are:

---MDF of 12mm
---3 step-motors
---2 augers
--- 4 displacement rod
--- Gears in general

The first observation was the resistance of the material, The MDF is very weak, because the rods are introduced with a hammer.
We work with measurements in milimeters in the Shopbot machine, but the DXF file units are in inches, we had to remove to milimeters.Ok, you can see the steps follow:


Assemble the structure, which is made by unions pressfit

Installed base of MtM

Watch the video

Install the upper support