3D Scanning and Printing

This assignment has 3 components


We use the 3D scanner of the company Next Engine

According to technical specifications run from a Intel Dual Core, but there is much that still do not understand, for example, the version i used is 1.7 which installs Visio plugin C++ 2005. Currently only works on a Core i7, This is a problem because we only have one computer with the feature.
Then, the interface is simple


The scan delay 20 to 30min, depends on the object, in this case my object is a "olla"


These are the images.

I did it in two softwares, Rhino and Solidworks. The objective of this component is to obtain the design and export to STL format.
Design a shaped flower ring. Ethe process was done in SolidWorks, using Rhino to check that everything goes right. It is preferable that your work comes from a piece, if an assembly to export STL files have two and we'll have to join or unite in Rhino, to obtain a single LTS. Here the images of the process

Para la impresión usé la 3UP, the interface is simple, this machine is a printer for extrusion of material, which heats the nozzle at a temperature of 265°C


creating thin plastic wire, generating tissue