Final Project Development

I have decided to scale down my final project to be able to fully test it before I build a full scale model. The materials and components that will be needed for the project are:

Fish Tank: 50cm x 50cm x 40cm - plywood - Shopbot

Grow Bed: 30cm x 60cm x 30cm - plywood - Shopbot

Sump Tank - plywood - Shopbot (for larger scale models)

Digital Ph tester - automation PCB

Digital Temperature sensor - automation PCB (for cold climates)

Pump automation PCB switch

Block Pump (3500 lt/hr)

1 in (25mm) PVC Pipes

3/4 in (19mm) Black no crush pipes

3/4 in Ball tap

3/4 in t-pieces

3/4 in Elbow

Snap on fittings (if possible)

1 in (25mm) Double nut fitting

Silicon or Sikaflex

Aerator (if possible)

Food grade or pond-safe polyethylene plastic

Fish food (also worms, fly larvae, buckweed)

I'm going to use a press fit system for the fish tank and grow beds, as the example above shows. The insides of the the fish tank and grow bed will be fitted with pond polyethylene.

The last thing I will have to put together is an auto siphon device like the one above. This will be used to flush the grow bed once the water gets to a certain level.