Fab ISP Project

For the this project, we are to make the FabISP in-system programmer, using the Modela machine above.

The first thing we need is a diagram of the board to be milled. We were provided with the board design above.

The project begins with some problems. The board was not secured proberly with double sided tape.

The board is milled, and the copper traces are left on the board.

The project continues.

I begin stuffing the board with the corresponding components.

The project continues, but with a slightly different board trace, in order to use a direct USB connection.

Getting ready to stuff the new board.

I have all the components I need. Time to begin soldering.

The project continues. Soldering gets easier the more you do it. I'm getting faster.

Almost done. One component left. I had to add some solder to fix two damaged traces.

The project ends with a FabISP in-system programmer.

The project ends with a FabISP in-system programmer.