Final Project

My initial project idea was to make a smart modular trashcan. But I wanted to try something else, a lot of ideas came into my mind. Including electric skateboards, waterless hand washing equipment etc. But since we had pandemic restrictions that kept us from going to the lab for more than a month, we lost a lot of time. So i decided to go ahead with the smart modular trash can itself.

Smart Modular Trashcan

Input/ Output

The can takes input using an Ultra Sonic sensor that opens the lids of the can without physical contact. The sensor is placed on the top of the can next to the lid. On placing hand above it, the lid opens up and remains closed otherwise.

Sketch and Design

I started off with a basic sketch of the project on paper. The sketch shows the front and back view. I then drew the components on Adobe Illustrator to see the shapes of each panel.

I then did the 3D design on fusion 360 and added material and appearance to the modules.