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About me

Previous Experience

My name is Miller Workman, and I am currently a sophomore at Charlotte Latin School in Charlotte, North Carolina, US. I’ve been involved with engineering and computer science since middle school, and have stopped being amazed at how with only a few machines and with a seemingly random assortment of materials, someone can create an incredible project or application. Throughout middle school and 9th grade, I participated in robotics club, ecyber mission, and science olympiad. Particularly, I find aerospace/ aeronautical and mechanical engineering interesting, and hope to continue pursuing engineering through Fab Academy

Electrical Engineering Project Portfolio

As a child, I always preferred to take apart and reassemble toys and things around the house to see how they function rather than actually play with them. I have found that often I have these grandiose ideas for projects; however, I lack the adequate knowledge to use different softwares and tools to create them. Looking forward, I think Fab Academy can provide me with the instruction to learn how to bring these ideas into fruition.

Outside of Engineering

Outside of engineering and programming, I am interested in model UN (a model of the United Nations), soccer, and art, particularly drawing.

Last update: March 17, 2021