Nancy's Digital Frabrication Journey

A STEAM Teacher, curriculum developer, project manager, teacher trainer, swing dancer, life-long learner and fun lover.

I am working in STEAM education as a project manager, STEAM curriculum developer and teacher.I joined Fab Aacademy to explore the journey of "make almost anything". I have worked in Education field for about ten years. I have taught students from 3 years old to over 50 years old. STEAM education is something I really enjoy to work on ,it requires life-long learning spirit. I have seen a lot of school teacher are lack of enought engineer and technolgy background, mean while a lot of engineers are interested to become a school STEAM teacher but lack of teaching skills. That's why I am join this class, to learn more about technology, deveopment product design skill and creavity.

Final Project

These are some project milestones. So we can see how this project been design and develop.

Project idea development

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I am a STEM teacher, I want to make some device that will improve teaching effciency also make learning process fun.


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I made my electronic board called "Gino" to control this device.


I use processing to make my interface of final project.

Digital Fabrication

I design a shell for my project and print it out.

More reflection of this journey

  1. I will finish this one in the end of semaster.