Smart Paw case design:

First I drew it in illustrator

Then I design it in Fuion:

First, I designed it in two parts,like this.

Then I realize it doesn't need to be two parts, one is enough, I can laser cut the bottom part.

I also use soft materiel Generic TPU to print force resistor part.

Final project printing

My final project also need a case, I design it in fusion360, here is my first design.

The first print failed because I forgot to put raft to make object stick on plate, so when nozzle print more layers on the base it start to move a little bit. I stop printing when I found out this mistake.

Then I print again, this time printing goes well but you can see those two pieces actually can not been assemble together well. I caculate size wrong. It took about 12 hours to print, I am wasting materirels and time.

In this design, I have several problems. 1 It's not easy to assmeble two parts together well. 2 I design tube for buttons and force sensor, but they can not fit in this case properly. 3 It takes too long to print. So I change my design and make second version design.

In this design, I only print one part, and use laser cuter to cut a bottom board, also I can put button throug this hole properly, so I measure button size carefuly and make sure it fit in those holes without problems. Also I de

The last print works well:

Here are First print VS Second print VS the last one.

Download Link: