Final Project

In cities similar to where I live (Alkhobar,Saudi Arabia), the role of the balcony in buildings lost its initial purpose of extending the living space to an outdoor little spot to enjoy the connection to the outside world. However, due to the harsh weather conditions in our area (high temperature, high humidity, sandstorms) and also other reasons related to privacy. The balcony became more of a decorative element to complement the building’s elevation.

My project is an interactive modular block which reacts to certain inputs from the weather forecast (sandstorms in particular) to create a pleasant visual experience to the user.

This block is part of a modular design in which it could be fixed on balconies to create some sort of shield against unpleasant weather yet it creates some sort of control over exposure to the street.

It will use a sprinkler system to wet block surface on predetermined points to create a pattern which eliminate the unpleasant view and traces of a sandstorm.

Block Design

I am still developing the shape of the block itself to maximize natural air breeze and filters out dust. Below are my initial thoughts.