1. Principles and practices

After reading the Fab Charter, I see myself aligned with the Fab Labs global vision in terms of sharing knowledge. Benefiting others is my main drive in work, I intend to utilize what I learn from this program to give back to my community by providing programs, projects, and tools to anyone who is ready for it.

Below I am presenting my thoughts of my final project here at Fab Academy, hoping it could help or inspire any of you.

Final Project Initial Idea

I am proposing a self-contained unit that acts as a radiant barrier and a fresh breeze wall through the utilization of humidity in the thin air in hot humid cities. This unit is a part of a modular design which uses the collected water to shade by growing plants, grow food, and water birds.

Potential Users

  • Household
  • Street Pedestrians
  • Birds

Through this system, I am aiming to reduce the spending on buildings electricity bills, by creating a transitional skin between the outdoor hot air and the indoor cool air to control the heat loss/gain. This applies in domestic and other architectural use. In a bigger scale however, I believe this proposal could contribute in providing a comfortable urban environment that allows shade and cool air in hot summers.

Final Project Improved Idea

An interactive modular block which reacts to certain inputs from the weather forecast (sandstorms in particular) to create a pleasant visual experience to the user.

This block is part of a modular design in which it could be fixed on balconies to create some sort of shield against unpleasant weather yet it creates some sort of control over exposure to the street.

What will it do?

It will use a sprinkler system to wet block surface on predetermined points to create a pattern which eliminate the unpleasant view and traces of a sandstorm.

In the future I’m thinking to develop this block to react differently to 5 different weather conditions to create a comprehensive sensual experience ..

  • When the weather is dry >>>>>>> it will spray light drizzles of water (touch)

  • When the weather is stuffy >>>>>>> it will circulate air to create a nice breeze (touch)

  • When the sun is strong >>>>>>> it will close and create shade pattern (vision)

  • When the weather is rainy and cloudy >>>>>>> it will open and play music (hearing)

  • when the weather is dusty >>>>>>> it will close and wet some predetermined parts of the surface so dust can stick on it to create a pattern (sight) or it will close and diffuse air with essential oils aroma (smell)