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20. Project development

This week I tack my final project progress.

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Completed tasks

  • CAD designs
  • Electronic designs
  • Printed parts
  • Electronic programming
  • GUI programming
  • First test in the Lab
  • Laser cutting parts

Remain tasks

  • Second test in the Lab
  • Base for the Gel
  • Acrylic cutting of the brand
  • Update the final video
  • Add the modification of the first test suggestions

What has worked? what hasn’t?


  • The Blue LED array and the UV LED array
  • The FabDuino controller
  • The LED array light brightness controlling with GUI through serial communication
  • The integrated system assembly without using screws

Does not work

  • The UV intensity it was not enough for see the target using GelRed
  • The camera can detect the light blinking because the PWM
  • The Acrylic base for the gel it was too thin and the gel could not reach the light

What questions need to be resolved?

The main question that needs to be resolved is if the GUI works with the OpenCV color filter The other question is that if the UV LED that I found are real UV.

What will happen when?

After those questions are answered I can say the my theory of the color filtering works or not. Also means that the Fab Transilluminator can continue to grow after the Fab Academy.

What have you learned?

I learned that if you want to record the images you need to care about the method of the light controlling because PWM makes the LED array blinks fast the our eyes cannot see that, but the camera can see the blinking.

I learned that if you wants to calculate the array configuration, in other words, what is the resistor that you have to add to the LED you may know forward voltage and the forward current for every color you will use, because the blue color works at lower voltage than the UV.

I learned that if I want to capture an image with a great quality I have to take account of the fps of the camera and the frequency of the system I want to record.