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Student Agreement

I am Abdon Troche Rotela a Fab Academy 2019 student and I agree with all the conditions described in the Fab Academy Agreement as follow:

Fab Academy Student Agreement

The Fab Academy is responsible for: - Teaching principles and practices of digital fabrication - Arranging lectures, recitations, meetings, and events for the class - Evaluating and providing feedback on student work - Offering clear standards for completing assignments - Certifying and archiving student progress - Supervising class preparation - Reviewing prospective students, instructors, and labs - Providing central staff and infrastructure for students, instructors, and labs - Fund-raising for costs not covered by student tuition - Managing and reporting on the program’s finances, results, and impacts - Publicizing the program - Promoting a respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination.

I am a Fab Academy student, responsible for: - Attending class lectures and participating in reviews - Developing and documenting projects assigned to introduce and demonstrate skills - Honestly reporting on my work - Working safely - Leaving workspaces in the same (or better) condition than I found them - Participating in the upkeep of my lab - Ensuring that my tuition to cover local and central class costs is covered - Promoting a respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination Signed by committing this file in my repository,

(Abdon Troche Rotela)