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1. Principles and practices

The first week was mainly about familiarising ourselves with the Fab Academy and the principles of digital fabrication. We were introduced to the different Fab Labs across the globe in the introductory lecture and I mostly reviewed different projects to get ideas.

Initial Project Ideas

I did not have many ideas before prior to the first lecture, but then inspiration came and I thought about products that had an interactive element and would help individuals to achieve a certain objective, for example:

  • A device that reminds users to drink more water and measures the amount of water in the bottle.
  • A kind of treasure box that displays different colours according to the activity selected (or the shape inserted in the box).

Another alternative similar to the second one above was:

  • A toolbox (or manual) for persuasive systems design, that is connected to GUI with instructions for selecting the most suitable design approach for solving a particular problem.

  • Other alternatives included bird feeder, a candy dispenser etc.

Finally, I decided to extend a project we had earlier started, but did not fully complete. Details for this will be in the projects page.