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Welcome to my Fab Diary 2019 About me

What ?

I have very little knowledge in web desiging. During my master degree project, I have developed PIC microcontroller based fingerprint access control and attendance management system. I learned circuit designing, PCB fabrication, Embedded programming, soldering, device packaging. However, last eight years i have been working on materials science and its processing especially, ceramics (HTCC, LTCC, ULTCC, inks), polymers (PCB materials, inks) and glasses (Electronic sealing).

Why ?

I am very much interested in learning new technologies which I have less knowledge such as 3D printing, laser cutting, web designing and so on. My main focus in the Fab lab course and projects is to learn new fabrication techniques and update my existing knowledge for developing a challenging project by integrating electronics, physics and materials science.

Contact details

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