Here is a summary page of my Final Project. Please also see Tracking page for getting know what I did trough the Final Project.


My final project is titled as “SENSING BEETLE”, that is a Insect Robot with adding some sensing function of Our live environmental conditions. When I decided to join Fab Academy, there are two things I want to make. One is a robot that is automatically moving around and looks something like a insects. Another is portable data logger that have multiple sensors measuring something unmeasured (means measuiring something new aspects of our daily lives, our environment or our society). The sketch shows combined idea of those I want to make. That is insect robot that collecting data in a viewpoint of insects.

Sensor data is very useful for seeking something new aspects of our lives in communities. Moreover, making those sensor devices becomes very easy to make by using Arduino or Raspberry pi. But, for collecting sensor data, we have to ask someone to bring around or set it in indoor place. So, how about robot? Automatically collect sensor data by robot.... Especially, the robot that looks not so colled “robot”, but looks somethine like creature… Then, I decided to make a robot that looks like insect and those have some sensor to collect.

The presentation slide of final project is here:

The presentaiton movie of final project is here:

Bill of Materials

Here is the list for Bill of Materials.

Parts Name Price Quantitiy
ATmega 328p 2.14 USD 1
Sound MEMS sensor (SPU0414HR5H-SB-7) 1.56 USD 1
3mm acrylic board about 2.5 USD 1
5mm acrylic board about 3 USD 1
PLA Material about 35 USD for 500 gram 1
WiFi modules ESP 8266 8.88 USD 1
TAMIYA Single Gearbox (Item No.70167) 8.8 USD 2
TAMIYA Rivet Set 4.0 USD 2
Duel DC motor driver (TG6612FGN) 2.11 USD 1
GPS module about 35 USD 1
Switch Button (Lab Inventory) 1
22pF Capaciter (Lab Inventory) 2
0.1uF Capaciter (Lab Inventory) 4
1uF Capaciter (Lab Inventory) 1
10uF Capaciter (Lab Inventory) 2
100nF Capaciter (Lab Inventory) 2
10k regisiter (Lab Inventory) 1
499 Register (Lab Inventory) 2
0 ohm Register (Lab Inventory) 10
16Mhz Crystal (Lab Inventory) 1
LED GREEN (Lab Inventory) 1
LED YELLOW (Lab Inventory) 1
2 x XH Connector 0.05 USD 4
2 x XH Housing 0.05 USD 4
3 x XH Connector 0.05 USD 3
3 x XH Housing 0.05 USD 3
10mm spacer 0.05 USD 4
8 mm screw 0.05 USD 6
4 x AA Battery Box 1.2 USD 1



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I would like to thanks to my instructors, Asako Okazaki, Kai Naito and Jun Kawahara for advising me to complete this final project. Also, big thanks to Mr. Osamu Yamamoto for advicing Electorics Matters, thanks to Youka Watanabe, director of Fab Lab Kamakura.

Of course, I would like to thanks so muhc for my classmates, Kae Nagano and Phanuwit “Rico” Kanthatham for inspring me a lot.

Also, I would like to thanks to all staffs of Institute of Information and Media, Aoyamagakuin Unviersity for supporing me to complete this final project and Fab Academy 2019 Cycle.