20. Project development

The class shows some example of final projects in previous years. There are a lot of interesting project I could see and inspired something from here. The class video is here


Complete your final project, tracking your progress:

The following description is at the point on July 6.

What task have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Completed Tasks:

Remained Tasks:

What has worked? What hasn’t?


Mechanical Design of 6 legs walking. I studied basic of robots mechanism and design it and confirmed to works. Also, checked it could be controlled from microcontroller with using TG6612FNG dual DC motor driver and I could have a prediction that it would works on my designed PCB.

Not Worked

At this point, Electronics Dsign and making PCB borad does not completed. I think it would be one of the most hard tasks to complete. This should be highest priority to complete.

Based onthe triage, I have set low priority on following functions.

I regard those are also important functions for ideal of my final project. But, now it should be more high priority to work as a robot having some sensors.

So, making Original Dseigned PCB is most high priority because it would be a center part of this final project.

On the other hands, Newotking Communications and Interface Applications are not high priority to finish my final project this time.

What questions need to be resolved?

What will happen when?

The following description is at the point on July 6.

What have you learned?

One of the tough part was mechanical design of robot. I have never make robots, so I couldn’t imagine how to make it and what should I do.

So, this final project has started from researching some basic knowledge of robotics and mechanism of robot walking. Also, I make some robots and analzed it. I took so many times for these tasks, but it should be do more early stage of this Fab Academy cycle.

From these experience, I have keenly realized the importance of project management, especiall time management (supply side and demand side). In each assignment, I have always tried to do something that I had never did before. I hadn’t do each assignment with concerning final project development.

For example, if I have completed to research of robot mechanism, at least the following weekly assignment would be related to my final project.

I had learned so many things in each assignments. Therefore, I will not regret about it. But, at this point, learning new things has over. Now is the time to compromise something for completing minimum requirement of final project.