3. Computer Controlledd Cutting : Local Session#

  • Author : Kai Naito (Fablab Kamakura)
  • Date created : 1/30/2019

Class site#

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Class video#

Fab-20190206D_Lesson03: computer-controlled cutting from Academany on Vimeo.

Assignments & Goal#

Laser Cutting#

  • Group assignment
    • Characterize your lasercutter, making lasercutter test part(s), making test part(s) that vary cutting settings and dimensions.
  • Individual assignments
    • Cut something on the vinylcutter
    • Design, lasercut, and document a parametric press-fit construction kit, which can be assembled in multiple ways. Account for the lasercutter kerf.

Learning outcomes#

  • Demonstrate and describe parametric 2D modelling processes
  • Identify and explain processes involved in using the laser cutter.
  • Develop, evaluate and construct the final prototype

Have you#

  • Explained how you parametrically designed your files
  • Shown how you made your press-fit kit
  • Included your design files and photos of your finished project

Vinyl Cutting#

There is no specific project that is focussed on this very useful tool. There are a range of ways you might utilise it throughout the programme, or your local instructor may set a specific project. You might make:

  • stickers
  • flexible circuit boards
  • a textured surface/relief pattern
  • screenprint resists/stencils
  • Ensure that you have used it in some way during this time and met the objectives below.

Learning outcomes#

  • Identify and explain processes involved in using this machine.
  • Design and create the final object

Have you?#

  • Explained how you drew your files
  • Shown how you made your vinyl project
  • Included your design files and photos of your finished project

Refer to Assessment page



  • グループ課題:

    • 各ラボに置かれたレーザーカッターの特性、パラメーター設定、スポット径、精度などを評価する
  • 個人課題:

    • カッティングマシンで何か切る
    • プレスフィットコンストラクションキットを作る
  • グループ課題について

    • 各ラボ最低1つドキュメンテーションがあれば要件はクリア(ただし課題に全員が関わったことを見せる必要がある)。ラボの中で複数グループをつくってもOK。
    • グループページのアップロードの仕方
    • 各々個人ページからグループページへのリンクをはること。


Group assignment#

Check parameter, kerf width (spot diameter), precision and limitation of the laser-cutter in our lab.
Example from FabAcademy2018 Kamakura

Individual Assignments#

For next week…#

  • Recitaion: Super Guru Daniel - Fablab project tour

    • on Monday 9:00 EST, 23:00 JST
  • Asia Regional Review:

    • on Tuesday 13:00-14:00 JST or 22:00-23:00 JST
    • video conference for meetings:
  • Class on Wednesday 9:00 EST, 23:00J ST