Fab Academy

Learning every day

About me

My name is Annie Ferlatte I am from Montréal and I work in the first Fab Lab of Canada, échoFab. I have a background in architecture and in design wich gave me a curious mind and a stubernest of solving problem. I like to ask questions and try to find solutions for the earning of all...including the planet. I know nothing in electronic, coding and electronic design and I know something in user experience, conception and integration.

Become reactive

My first goal is to become reative with the use of all machine in the environnement of the fab lab and thus prototype easily. At the end of this programme, it need to be easier and faster to use de machine to make new experimentation and interconnected them in a efficient flow.


The documentation is a none instinctive action that we must do to remember and share the experimentation with others. The intension is to try explore the web documentation and how can it be faster, easier and funnier.

Can it be greener?

During all this process, I want to find some insight, answers and suggestions to make the Fab lab's environnement and process greener.


The brain is a muscle that you need to train like any other muscle. The creativity is the same thing. I will challenge myself and feed my creativity has much has I can.


Annie Ferlatte
Montreal, QC, Canada