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This is Juan Felipe Enríquez, a student at Fab Academy 2018. I am from Fab Lab ZOI - Ecuador. This web page is the compilation and documentation of 6 months of research, experimentation and significant hands on learning experiences. You will be able to see my weekly progress and the construction of my final project that I have called “Fab Color”. Since English is not my mother tongue, I have made a very visual and dynamic documentation that allows you to see the experiences and knowledge that I have obtained in this process. Enjoy

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Final Project

Nowadays the use of natural pigments has been replaced by chemicals, since you can access them all year round, that the range of colors is infinite and its cost is lower. However the pollution generated by artificial pigments especially in water and in the health of those who manipulate it, it is high. On the other hand, the use of natural pigments has been banned in several countries because of the damage to the ecosystem.

FABcolor seeks to reduce pollution by dyes or artificial pigments, rescue ancestral knowledge regarding the use of natural pigments without the need to affect nature and promote local development giving access to communities and cities to create their own pigments.

My final project integrate traditional techniques and knowledge of color manufacturing, with digital manufacturing, and thus achieve your color culture at home and produce locally. Below I present the structure of my idea.


About me

Creative Director and co-founder of REINO Studios, a Latin American company involved in design, social innovation and education. With over ten years of experience in industrial design, handicraft design, strategic design, interior architecture, social design and territory planning. Juan Felipe has developed a unique design methodology called “HeartMade” wich accelerates the entrepreneurial process of making authentic crafts by combining natural fibers, local identity, contemporary design and digital fabrication.

Speaker at TEDx, Google’s Start Up Grind Talk, OuiShare and the Mexican Design Week (AMD), among other conferences. He has trained students, craftsmen and professionals in more than 30 communities, universities and high schools and throughout Latin America.

In 2013, Juan Felipe designed Ecuador´s most luxurious cruise train, which connects the Andes Mountains with the tropical forest of the coast, while enjoying all the amenities and Hispanic luxury a cruise train like this has to offer. The World Travel Awards Organizations has recognized “Tren Crucero de Lujo” South America´s Best Luxury Train for the last 4 consecutive years. Juan Felipe and his multidisciplinary team designed Ecuador´s largest contemporary craft collection, launching more than 350 new contemporary pieces to the market. This group of young designers and artists co-created and produced this vast collection by training 22 local communities of indigenous people and mestizos. Through empowerment and social innovation, Juan Felipe works very hard in effort to redefine the new identity of Latin American design.

Juan Felipe Enriquez has designed more than a 120 projects and strives to stand out as one of the most representative industrial designers of the last decade in Ecuador and the region. His portafolio features projects for Toyota, Puma, Oakley, Master Card, BlackBerry, Telefonica, Poseidon, Kolonaki, and the United Nations, among others. He is an honorary member of the Latin American Congress of Ecodesign ECODAL in Chile and Think-Tank "YACHAY" has selected Juan as a mentor for their community..

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