Principles and Practices.

//Plan and Sketch a Potential Final Project

Nowadays the use of natural pigments has been replaced by chemicals, since you can access them all year round, that the range of colors is infinite and its cost is lower. However the pollution generated by artificial pigments especially in water and in the health of those who manipulate it, it is high. On the other hand, the use of natural pigments has been banned in several countries because of the damage to the ecosystem.
FABcolor seeks to reduce pollution by dyes or artificial pigments, rescue ancestral knowledge regarding the use of natural pigments without the need to affect nature and promote local development giving access to communities and cities to create their own pigments.

The project seeks to integrate traditional techniques and knowledge of color manufacturing, with digital manufacturing, and thus achieve your color culture at home.

//Learning Outcomes

In each territory there is a great diversity of natural pigments. In the Amazon of Ecuador, for example, there is the WITUK, a fruit that creates a natural palette of grays.


So, what can solve this problem?

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