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Akila's Fab Academy journey


Final Project

Get a glimpse of the last lap of the Fab Academy journey: 'An Adaptive Seating and Computer Access System for a Child with Motor Impairment'

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About me

Hello, I'm Akila, a 30-year-old and mom of a toddler. I work in a non-profit organization called NISH in Trivandrum under the Ministry of Social Justice, Government of Kerala. My job is to match individuals with any disability with the right technology.

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Week 1 - Brainstorming ideas for the final project

The conundrum is in choosing the right balance between doing something that's useful and that's doable in the limited time provided for Fablab academy. So I have decided to start with a few ideas and choose the most viable one as I learn more in the Academy.

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Week 2 - Project management: HTML and Gitlab

Experiencing the power of collaboration via Gitlab and of expressing myself through a webpage

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Week 3 - Computer-aided designing: 2D and 3D

Learning my way through GIMP, Inkscape, Autocad, Fusion 360.

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Week 4 - Computer-controlled cutting

Learning how to control the vinyl cutter and laser machines from the computer.

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Week 5 - Electronics production

Learning to mill a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), solder components on it and then flash it to make it an in-circuit programmer.

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Week 6 - 3D printing and scanning

Learning to design for the 3D printer, taking the machine constraints into account. Learning to scan using the Microsoft Kinect camera.

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Week 7 - Electronics Design

Learning to design a circuit in Eagle, make it using a milling machine and test it.

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Week 8 - Computer-controlled machining

Learning to make something big by milling parts on the CNC machine and assembling by press-fit.

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Week 9 - Embedded programming

Learning to program an ATtiny chip on a printed circuit board using C language.

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Week 10 - Molding and Casting

Learning to design and mill a mold and cast various materials in it.

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Week 11 - Input Devices

Learning how to make sensors work, while reinstilling previous week concepts of electronics design and production.

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Week 12 - Output Devices

Learning how to control a bipolar stepper motor from a PCB.

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Week 13 - Interface and Application Programming

Learning how to control a bipolar stepper motor by making the PCB and PC GUI talk to each other via serial communication.

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Week 14 - Networking and Communications

Learning to make two or more microcontrollers communicate with each other.

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Week 15 - Mechanical design

Learning to divide responsibilities and work together as a team to put together the mechanical elements of a machine.

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Week 16 - Machine design

Learning to electronically control the mechanical elements of the machine.

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Week 17 - Wildcard week

Learning to make composites.

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Week 18 - Applications and Implications

Answering some questions and gaining focus on the final project

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Week 19 - Invention, intellectual property and income

Thinking out loud and going through the available options

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Week 20 - Project Development

Some last questions to self before the final presentation.

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