Quorage - Michael Qiu Chen


Fab Academy - Panama 2019

by Michael Qiu Chen


Who I am?

Hello, my name is Michael Qiu Chen, I'm 24 years and I am a Panamanian chinesse, I'm mechatronics engineer at the Universidad Latina de Panamá and CEO / founder of MecaMaker.


  • Programming in C ++, .Net, Javascript, CodeSys.
  • Metallurgical Processes, lathe, Milling Cutter, Welding, Wookworking.
  • Electronic Analog and Digital.
  • Microcontroller in Arduino, Raspeberry, Cypress, Pic and PLC.
  • CNC, 3D Printing and Design 2-3D.


  • Program 'Le Piscine' of the University 42.
  • Space Apps Challenge.
  • National judge/Staff of the Junior Robocup of Panama.
I am grateful to participate in this academy called FabAcademy 2018 in order to expand my knowledge and skills in manufacturing processes at low cost with the objective of sharing resources and have the necessary experience to incorporate mecamaker into the network of FabLab with R.R.C..

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