Week 9 - Embedded Programming

LED + Button Board Programming

Taking the board I milled and stuffed from week 7, I programmed it for this weeks assignment. This was fairly straightforward, here's my procedure. Using the Arduino 1.0 programming software to program my board I needed to add the ATtiny support files to allow the software to connect to the Attiny44. The files are located here:

ATtiny (GitHub)

Before I can attempt to program the circuit board I first need to select the "Board" from the Arduino Tools menu, and my serial port.

After the correct ATtiny44 is selected I then proceeded to "Burn Bootloader" also located in the Tools menu. This was successful on the first attempt. Now I'm able to program the circuit board. I am very familiar with Arduino programming and wrote this sketch to alternate 2 leds on the board. After consulting the data sheet for the pinouts that I needed to reference, I assigned them in the initialization section of the code. Clicking the Right arrow button at the top of the s/w, the program is uploaded to the chip.


Here's the code I used to program the circuit board:

The final board: