Week 18 - Final Project Development

Developing the VU Meter

The development process took close to 5 months. Throughout the semester, I tried to continue forging ahead on the project to prevent from having a large workload at the end. I was pretty diligent on this because I knew that I would require lots of milling time(as you can see in the photos).

My original goal was to try and attempt a 16 channel spectrum analzer. Once I nailed down and tested a design that worked. I milled out 9 of these 2x20 LED boards.

Each one took about an hour to mill.


For the first test I hand soldered all of the components, and drilled each hole out.

Once I had a working prototype, I fine tuned the modela process so that the holes were in the cut out layer. I also used a solder paste stencil for several of the boards.

For the original test I used standard 0.1" headers to connect each of the 20 rows. These rows then connected to my LM3915 cascaded driver circuit.

Test piece for the front plate done on scrap cardstock.