Week 13 - Input Devices

Stereo Infrared Input Board

For my input device I decided to repurpose 2 Sharp 2Y0A21 IR distance measuring sensor units. The unit sends an infrared signal out and measures the time it takes to bounce back to its IR receiver. It translates this time to an analog output 0-5V. The sensors are designed to work within the range of 10cm-80cm.

Eagle Board File

Eagle Schematic File

Sharp 2Y0A21 Pinout

Sharp 2Y0A21 Pinout

To integrate these sensors into a fab-able input device circuit board I first studied the sample Hello.Light and Hello.Mic boards. I was then able to translate a similar circuit within Eagle, and was able to fab the board seen above. I used the same input as the Hello.Light board so I could use the same C file, and python script verbatim. There was also an unused gpio pin that is used in the circuit with hopes of implementing the second sensor.