Week 17 - Final Project Planning

VU Meter Project

In preparation for my final project I've done a few experiments during the course of the program to ensure that I would be able to accomplish my goal. Above is a photo of my bar driver circuit. I had to do some preliminary testing with the LM3915 IC's to make sure the I understood the circuit properly and that it would work as I intended. (Circuit on week 18 page)


Above is a test of the LM386 amplifier circuit. I breadboarded a quick circuit and tested it out. Using the input attached to my phone, and the output attached to a set of computer speakers, the amplification was fairly impressive. (Circuit on week 18 page)

I wanted to determine my spacing of the LED's early on because this was one of the most crucial components of the project. Not only for aethetics, but for ciruit board development and for laser cutting the case. All parts in the system need to be in proper alignment.