Objective: To explore the world of advanced mobile robotics and advanced robotic systems without hassle of building and/or modifying platform robots

Goals: A Platform for developing and testing robotic applications for HRI (Human robotic Interaction) where robots can function with and around humans to do the tasks that are too trivial for humans to waste time doing such tasks and thus the platform must have sufficient hardware at the base model (Sensors, Motors, Vision, etc..) to be able to interact with the world around it and all it holds

Solution: A-BOT, A robotic platform built and fabricated almost entirely in the lab to be robust modular and easy to use and program using different fabrication Techniques and methods the robot chassis and most of the motion system as well as the electrical circuits will be fabricated, programed and tested and with modular sensor mounts and closed loop motion circuitry and also using the OSROS (Open source Robotic Operating System) running on board or remotely it will truly be one great project to build going through different technologies and fields of engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Computer) and also one great robotic platform to develop and test

P.S: I am not good at hand drawing