project management

This weeks assignment is to build a website and get acquainted with Mercurial and the concepts of version control but to be honest i am not very good and building website so i decided on using some easy to use tools to create a good website and after some research and a couple of html tutorials i decided on using Adobe DreamWeaver which is easy to use and quite powerful and such the dance starts

Tutorials & Helpful sites:

Let the dance begin

Now i am not good with HTML but after a few tutorials and a lot of help from dreamweaver this

SLowly and painfully it became this

and i finding web design to be fun but exhausting when you have to come up with scripts and sitemaps but its awesome none the less and after going through a couple of designs and choosing one now came the time to use mercurial !!

Anna Kaziunas France's tutorials is awesome and shows you how to install all the software needed to run on windows using cygwin and thus came cloning the archive

now its just a matter of

but you do face some problems such as "Abort: Outstanding Uncommitted Merges"

but the fix is "hg update --clean -r tip"

as well as other things

but it conclusion it was a fun experience and a harecore hardware guy it’s sometimes fun to express yourself