Electronics Production (PCB Milling and soldering)

This week’s Assignment is to make the FAB ISP (ICSP) Using a milling machine to mill the PCB and also soldering the SMD components to the circuit and programing it I wanted to something really awesome but in true A-TECH fashion I built the basic model because it better to have a working base model then go fancy

Project: FAB ISP (ICSP)

Goal: TO Mill, solder and program a fab isp (ICSP)

To start of i needed to download the trace file and the cutout file for milling

Now using a bit of double sided tape fix your pcb stock to the milling machine bed

And after a bit of fab modules work (In Ubuntu):

  1. Open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t)

  2. Type "Sudo fab", and your computer password

  3. Choose your input format "image (PNG)" and your output format "Modela (RML)"

  4. Now load your file and set you milling profile to "Mill traces 1/64"

  5. Set your origin to the lower left corner of the pcb stock

  6. Hit make path >>then>> Make rml >>then>> send it >>then>> Begin Milling

  7. And after it finish milling the traces repeat steps 4-6 but with the interior file

The machine was up and running milling the board

After a bit of cleaning

And now wielding the soldering wand

And after a bit of soldering

we have

a working fabisp

and after downloading the firmware and running it in Windows (success)

I desolder the 0 ohm resistor and break the solder joint

now we can use the programmer