3D Printing and 3D Scannining (Scan and Print In 3D)

This weeks assignment is to 3D Scan and 3D print an object and in the process using 3D scanners and 3d printing machines

Project: 123D Catch mate (A 360 motion stage for talking consistant photos to use with 123D Catch)

Goal: To fix the problem with Main Sahft Bowing

Files For this assignemt can be found here

Let the Dance Begin !!!

A while back i designed A 360 deg Motion stage (Lazy Susan), And found that it would be great for this weeks assignment

And after a bit of quick prototyping on the laser cutter i had most of the parts and i assembled them


but then i found that the main shaft was to tall and thus it was bending while rotating

and thus the solotuin i came up with was adding aditional support befor the Big Drivin Gear in the Form of another Bearing

And the Bearing Holder would have to attach to the base and also hold the bearing up top and aslo it had to be stiff yet light so after a bit of doodling i cam up with this

and after a bit of quick analysis i was 80% sure it was going to work so i went on to makerware to start preprations for printing

And we are of

1 Uncompleted print later we are of agine


and after about an hour of waiting we get this

Very basic nothing high resoltuion it just works

and after instalation we get this

aint she a BEUTY

But there is still a couple of tweeks as you can see Here



but since i need to scan somthing fast and its alredy veary late in the week i dont have time to finish the scanner so i will just have to do it old school

1st I had to take at least 20 photos shownimg the etiare object and so i did here are a few

and the uploading them to the cloud to the 123DCatch

and after a bit of cloud computing we get this

and after a bit of cleaning we get to this

Not a very good scan but expect better scans when i finish the A-Tech Scanner