Embedded Programming

This Weeks assignment is program the Echo_Hello Board with as many programming languages as possible unfortunately i could only do 2 out of the tree i wanted to do but nonetheless there is a lot of programing languages and even more language abstractions out there to try

Project: Echo_Hello Programing

Goal: Use the Extra Hardware on the Echo_Hello Board

Files used this Week can be downloaded here

Let The Dance Begin !!

1st I Wanted to try the C Programing language so i started wanting to download the tool chain for programming in windows but since i programmed the Fab ISP in windows i downloaded the winavr software which included all the components of the tool chain which consist 0f :

and this will do for programing in the realm of embedded c, there are a lot of other options to program in windows like avr studio and others but i find a good code editor and a compiler are good enough for me

ok 1st we have to create the makefile which is responsible for executing the avrdude commands

after setting the MCU type to t44 and the programer to usbtiny and finally the port to usb we can save the makefile into the project folder

now opening programmer's notepad and starting the coding process a code to get the led to blink:

Now a code to read the button and control the blinking rate of the led


tackling serial proved difficult in c just because i am still a noob

Now arduino (P.S. I Hate Arduino Arduino is for kids BUT Still i use it a lot for prototyping):

1st we download the arduino software from the arduino.cc website

2nd we burn the bootloader choosing the right board and programer to suit my setup

Sorry but i hate arduino that i did not do both examples individually i just ran through In/Outputs and communication all in 1 go !!!