Computer-Controlled Machining (Standing Desk)

This weeks assignment is to MAKE SOMETHING BIG self explanatory isn't it "LOL" to be more precise it about using the fab lab machines to build something relatively large in size so the 1st that comes to me is a standing computer desk so i set out to build my 1st piece of furniture

Project: Standing Computer Desk

Gaol: To use and Get familiar with the ShopBot CNC_Router

Files For this Assignment can be found here

Let The Dance Begin !!

after a bit of web research and looking at a lot of pics i finally got to inventor and started drawing up the C-Shaped Standing Desk and after a bit of doodling

And after a bit of 2d work i was ready for my 1st test piece

Now using the V-Carve Software to generate the toolpath for the shopbot we had only to operations to do an inside profile and an outside profile

All Cuts where done with a 3mm end mill (My Favorit Bit for these kinds of jobs)

The Outside Cut was set to :

and The Inside Cut was set to:

and after a bit of sim we go from this :


Unfortunately i don't have any photos of the 3 test cuts i did before i found the best dimensions to cut, but after i found them away the machine goes

and after a bit of time and a lot of hammering and elbow grease we get this fine piece of furniture, I found it to be a bit wobbly but after a few strategically placed screws it was solid