interface and application programming

This Weeks Assignment is to build A Computer GUI for your hardware and connect it to an In/Output board which will send or receive data and act upon that, for me sound like the perfect chance for sensor data manipulation but since this is not my strong suit let stick with the basics displaying number on the scree

Project: Prox Sensor Deck GUI

Goal: Build software that receive data over the serial port and displays them on the PC

you can download this weeks files here

Let the Dance Begin !!!

1st things 1st Programing the Mcu with the firmware needed

after that a quick test with just a normal Serial Terminal and we get

Awesome it send

now i am going to be using Python and the Tk Module

but also i need the pySerial Module to handle the Serial Communication side

after downloading and installing the module i gave it a quick test drive

and thus the easy part was over for me at least

Building the GUI (How i hate you !!!)

I always come in with some crazy design for a GUI but end up doing something super lame because of my programing skills so don't expect smoothing amazing

The code i wrote was pretty simple it was supposed to have 2 labels per sensor so 12 in total and update the value label when ever data came trough the serial port simple huh ..... Not turns out that it starts acting all strange, So i hit the web and this guy on this website gives me the awnser this small little method he named update i used it and it worked

still nothing glamorous but for testing a board while it on the machine its good enough

Testing Video