Nineteenth Week:
Project Development

At this assignment I had to track my project progress making a project plan and answering some questions.

Project Plan

I sketched in the next table how I structured my time at my Lab to complete and reach to my goal which is to present a Great Final Project.

Note 1: All days represent 5hr at Lab because I was working at this time so I could be at the Lab those hours.
Note 2: I also worked in my weekends, which in the table you can see painted as green, in parts that are able to work at home like designing in Fusion, Eagle, getting more knowledge, coding with Arduino IDE, and programing the App at App Inventor.

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

At this point I am at the middle of my project plan. I finished the designing process which involves almost 2 weeks where I had to created, design, collect and export the pieces' files to process. After that, I produced, soldered, and burned my board. Finishing that I produced my 3D printed pieces, there were a bunch an involves 24 to 50 hrs to produce all, taking advantage of the last day 3D production I processed the mdf at Epilog Laser Cut.
At this point I am softening all 3D printed pieces to fill the tolerances that I specifyied at the beginning.

The tasks that remain are: The integration which I am sure that pieces will fit because I invested some days a the design process to get this part improved. Then I will develop the app at this weeking using what I learnt at Interface and Application Development using AppInventor, and also the Code for the microprocessor which I can carry at home to check if all is going on well.
After that weekend, I will specify 2 day to solve some problems could be at coding process, production process, or anything else.
To finally have a final test, compile the files and dedicate that weekend to develop the Video, Slide and the Page for my Final Project.

What has worked? What hasn't?

Previously I tested the mechanism that I'll use and I used the application that I developed for my Application Assignment to test the functionality of my electrical diagram. However, I my hinges at the end were dirty with lots of strings to clean and soft the surfaces as you can see at next picture.

I estimated that will involves 2 days for each main part, I have 2: the hinges and rings, and the microprocessor case.

On the other hand, I was looking to design and fabricated a Switcher which can control my exoskeleton. Reaching more information and landing my idea I decided to use a smartphone to control it because now is usual for hospital to use this devices to motirorized patients status using a terminal. I made this desicion at the designing period so you can find my design at Final Project Process in one of the last updates that I uploaded.

The I had problems setting the bluetooth module because I didn't recieve the reply for the "OK" commands. Researching for some information I found that I have to wire the "En" pin from the bluetooth to a 5v from you board. Having designed my last board as my ultimate "Brain" machine I used it.

What questions need to be resolved?

At this point I have 2 questions which need minimun an answer:

1st. Will the mechanical integration, which involves the integration of the hinges, rings, and the linear actuators, and the electrical integration, which involves the wiring of the relays, bluetooth module, makerbot sensor, and the 12v charging wire, be well performed? If not, what can I do?

2nd. Will the linear electrical actuator have the enough power not just to move the exoskeleton but also move the patient's leg that will be mine?

What will happen when?

As I mentioned before, if I want to integration process goes well, I have to be accuracy with the measures of each piece for that reason I spent much time designing and redisigning my project just to get all working well when I have to integrate.

Then for the power if it is enough I spent around a month, from beginning of April to beginning of May, to choose the actuators I will use. I chose 2 actuators which have 1000 N as power each one that means one of them is able to lift, taking gravity as 9.8, around 100 kg or 220 lb.

What have you learned?

Update Post Final Presentation
I learned a lot all these weeks. I improved my skills in 3D design being able to draw very precise having some consideration of each device that I used for my final project. Before this program I used to use AutoCad and Solidworks to design and process my designs which were few and took me much more time.
I also learned how board are fabricated and what consideration they have to be produced as resistors, crystals, capacitor, etc..., the soldering process and the bootloader burning. Also I designed some interesting project which are here at my repository.
The 2D and 2.5D production were very enjoyable. I really enjoyed when I used the MultiCam to design My Desk at Week Seventh . I also decided to use the laser cut to develop the MDF layers for my leg having testing before.
Network and Application, both were very interesting because I'm interesting about IoT, Internet of Things, and these assignment gave me a great first impression that I've enjoyed and been proud: Networking and Application Inteface .
The integration of all devices, including the inputs and outputs, to feel at the end satisfied when you see your project completed and working well.


This was a great experience where I used my skills that I learned at university and improve to reach a major objective. I've really enjoyed all assignment but if I have to select my favorite weeks that will be: 3D Printing, Electronic and Computer Design, Networking and Application Interface, Embedded Programing and Integration, etc. As you can see I really enjoyed all the assignments.
Also I am very proud that my project will be there in the Fab Academy repository where someone would find it useful for his or her project I wish because until I could find at Fab Genreal Repository my final project apparently is the first.