Fourteenth Week:
Networking and Communications

At this assignment we had to design, produce, program and connect some boards which will work, in my case, in their own LAN net.

Let's start

Before I continued I had to defined what would be my project. I decided to create a "Band", you decide which kind of, so I defined a bridge as "Lead", and the nodes as "Red,Green,and Blue" members.

Then I decided to use an FTDI to communicate between my PC to the band's member, through the Lead.

Using the next Serial Bus structure.

Processing the boards

Following the designs here I made some changes. The bridge is still the same but I decided to add another led to the nodes. Previously, the node has a led at MOSI pin I decided to put another to MISO pin. Apart of that, there is a 2x2 pinheader for a serial bus communication which has defined PB3 as TX and PB4 as RX. Obviusly I am using an AtTiny45.

Now comes the band's members. The schematic is the same for each one, the change is only on theirs board name.

So, there is the band.

Manufacturing the "Cable"

To this part I had to using the next tool and a Multimeter to locate the position of every pin.

Using the Multimeter I plugged in a cable, test and defined the position of every wire.

To finally have the wire finished.

Let'em the "Rhythim"

At this point I started with the burning process using my ISP.

Now was time to program. I copied Neil's C code from this assignment page and made some changes because I had other outputs in each board.

I started whi the Leader defining the node as "L".

Then I started with the changes and adds at the main code.

Red member as "R"

Green member as "G"

And Blue member as "B"

Having finally this.


Below you will find my files which I made this week.