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Welcome to my Fab Website!

Welcome to my Fab Academy site

This website is where I will uplaod documentation of my progress and tasks completed during Fab academy. Look through the assignments to see what has been completed during each week.

A little about my final project

I want to create a handheld golf ball cleaner that uses my input board (ir distance sensor) and output board (motor with driver board) that are networked to make the motor spin gears with cleaning brushes on them when the IR sensor detects something (golf ball) in very close proximity. These electronics will be enclosed in a case about the size of a multimeter that can attach to a golf bag for easy portable use. I have not yet decided if I want to mold and cast a case or 3D print a case. The gears cleaning the gold ball will be beveled and resemble a shape similar to a differential from a car. I am going to laser cut an acrylic window on the cleaner to prevent the golf ball from being popped out during the cleaning process. In order to clean the golf ball, I want to connect various strength levels of brushes to the gears.

Machine Part Notes
3D Printer Case and Gear system Will add an ergonomic feel to the case as well as precision in the gears to clean the golf ball
CNC Machine Electronics boards Create the input and output schematics needed to detect the golf ball and rotate the cleaning brushes
Laser Cutter Acrylic Windows A protective window to ensure the golf ball dose not pop out during cleaning process
Vinyl Cutter Branding I want to create a logo and brand the golf ball cleaner to market as a product
Output Motor The motor will be powered by a controller to adjust speed and cycle of the cleaning brushes
Input IR distance sensor Will detect if the a golf ball has been inserted and if it has will communicate with the motor to spin brushes
Mold and Cast Soft Grips A soft silicone that will encase the 3D printed case for a softer feel when holding the machine

Last update: May 11, 2021