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Final Project

Initial project idea

My initial project idea is a tracking device which can help us find valuables. This device is attached or mounted on our valuables. A mobile tracking app helps in tracking or finding the device. When an item is lost, the ‘track’ button should be pressed in the app. This will emit a buzzing sound which will help us in finding the item. It will also show the location of the object. It uses bluetooth technology. When the tracking device is out of bluetooth range, the app will help in viewing the recent GPS location of the device just like the ‘find my iphone’ feature.

Idea2 : 3 axis mini CNC machine

For my final project I’m planning to create:

A 3-axis mini CNC machine which can perform manufacturing operations like drilling, milling and cutting.

I selected this project because I can integrate the various skills learnt in fab academy.

This machine is useful for cutting , milling and drilling variety of materials. The CNC machine will be made of MDF as it holds up well to cutting and drilling. These MDF parts are bolted together using a variety sizes of bolts, nuts, washers etc.

CNC machine is very useful for rapid protyping. Machine building will help in understanding the working mechanism clearly.

Initial model of the machine

Materials Required:

Mechanical Parts

  1. Bearing holders

  2. Linear bearings

  3. Nuts

  4. washers

  5. Clamps

  6. Screws

  7. Bolts

  8. Cutting tools

Electronics Parts

  1. SMPS

  2. GRBL shield

  3. USB cable and wires

  4. Stepper motors

  5. DC geared motor

  6. Switch

Electronics Design

Last update: August 25, 2021