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3 axis mini CNC machine

What will it do?

A 3-axis mini CNC machine can perform manufacturing operations like drilling, milling and cutting. In three axis machining, the workpiece remains still while the cutting tool moves along the 3 axes to mill the part. 3-axis machining still one of the most widely used techniques to create mechanical parts, and can be used for automatic/interactive operation, milling slots, drilling holes, and cutting sharp edges.

Who’s done what beforehand?

A mini 3 axis cnc machine is a very useful tool for rapid prototyping. There are many DIY mini CNC machines made by makers and hobbyists which can perform various operations. It’s really fascinating to know that a fully functional machine can be made on our own.

What materials and components will be used?

Electrical parts

  • Satshakit board/ own arduino board

For own arduino board, following materials will be required


28 pin DIP IC Socket

16MHz Crystal Oscillator

2x 22pF and 1x 100nF capacitors

10K resistor

USB to Serial adapter**

  • Stepper shield
  • Stepper drivers
  • Stepper motors
  • Power supply

Mechanical parts

Tools, such as cutting tools

A frame


Guides and supports

Spacers, washers, nuts, screws, and bolts

Where will it come from?

Most of the parts are available in fab lab. If any additional material is required it can be purchased from amazon.

What parts and systems will be made ?

  • External an internal structures
  • Mobile and folding parts
  • Electronics

What processes will be used?

  • The outer enclosure will be designed in fusion 360

  • The structure will be made by laser cutting and 3Dprinting processes.

  • The electronic boards will be milled in cnc machine.

What tasks need to be completed?

Initial prototype of the electronic board is ready . Additional parts should be added to meet the requirements . The design of the machine parts should also be done keeping the dimensions of other parts in mind.

What questions need to be answered?

  • What all materials can it cut?

  • How accurate will the machine be?

  • Is a fully precise machine possible with reasonable cost ?

Last update: May 26, 2021