About me

My name is Kyle-Pierre Nfr. I am a physicist and I live on a farm in Indiana, USA. Over the next several weeks, please, visit this page to follow my progress through this engaging program.

My background

I am inspired by what the MIT Media Lab, The Center for Bits and Atoms, and Fab Lab have done to foster innovation around the world. I am participating in Fab Academy because I want to be a part of that process and contribute my talents to make a better society.

Why Fab Academy

I believe that I still have Nobel-quality work in me. Unfortunately, I live on a farm in a rural community that does not possess a world-class university. So, we founded Nfr Institute of Technology in order to establish a local “culture of curiosity.” We believe that talent is distributed evenly, independent of geography. The challenge is to give that talent the opportunity to develop locally before it is drawn away by the “intellectual gravity” of another community. The culture of curiosity is built on three pillars of critical thinking, entrepreneurship and creativity. The Fab-Lab initiative stands on these same supports. The training that it provides will enable us to further strengthen our community by making its people more capable.