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Automatic Repo Size Checker

This page was generated using a python script, it keeps track of the size of my repo.

Date of last run : Sat, Jun 29, 2019 - 21:19:16


The number of weeks active are : 19

‘Ideal’ expansion per week : 2 Mb

Max size for number of active weeks: 2 Mb per week x19 weeks = 38 Mb

Overall max value for all weeks: 40 Mb


Size of repo : 58.012Mb

Size of docs folder : 29.426Mb

Size of images folder : 21.809Mb

Size of .git folder : 28.581Mb

Difference between effective size & active size (.git - docs) : -0.845Mb


Your repo is over the total max value!

Your docs folder is in check

Your images folder is in check