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18 - Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Models

What Comes

Tools & Assignment

😊 Updated for 2019 evaluation standards! Tasks

  • Develop a plan for dissemination of your final project.
  • prepare drafts of your summary slide (presentation.png, 1920x1080) and video clip (presentation.mp4, 1080p HTML5, < ~minute, < ~10 MB) and put them - in your root directory

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate future opportunities

Have you?

  • Outlined future possibilities and described how to make them probabilities
  • Prepared a draft summary slide and video

2019 - Future Opportunities

I’ve heard in the past that Hexapawn, with it’s simple design, is an easy, fun and engaging way to teach kids about artificial intelligence.

It would be nice to spread my passion about AI using this simple tool I created, maybe get kids involved and interested in a topic that is sure to dominate their life when they will be my age.

Maybe I could volunteer to teach programming to kids (sketch, and the like) in local volunteering programs that do these things and introduce it there.

It’s all just a thought, not a plan.

Since I’m only 22 (since the 28th of May), and basically a University student, dissemination of project, or what that means isn’t really my forte.

Dissemination Plan

As part of the University of Manchester I have access, and I am encouraged to, be part of volunteering services.

The range of the recognized organizations is fast, and one fairly prominent section is tech and programming volunteering for young kids and teenagers (Eventually they may even be able to program the game itself).

As my skills lay in that department, and my final project is a game aimed at teaching about artificial intelligence in a simple manner, introducing my project in that community is ideal.

Out of the many possibilities, my organization of choice is the manchester code dojo, of which the official banner is: “…a volunteer-led community group for young people to code and make things.”

It’s particularly of interest because not only they teach coding, but they act like a mini-fablab of sorts.s

Draft Summary Slide & Video

There is the ones I used for the final presentation. Not really draft, not really complete.

  • Neil told me to add the learning algorithm to it, so some changes should be made to it.



I mention this in my final-project page already, but to me, my work is simply an extension of an idea which is already pervasive.

Maybe similar to a pre-historic stone knife, each person gives it a little dent to make it sharper, a better tool, and the purpose of this tool is to teach and have fun.

I’m just one person who left a very small dent, hopefully it will teach that much better, or be that much more fun, or both :)

“To be honest, if someone even wants to use this project in anyway, that’s more then good enough for me. I didn’t invent the game (with it’s fundamental algorithm).

The design I made for the box and pawns are probably going to end up on thingiverse.

The code is average at best, if people want it, I’ll be darned.” ~ Me from Final Project page.

So the best license for me is WTFPL