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20. Project development

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

The final project is done. The documentation is written : Final Project : FabSprout I check all the links and source files. The presenation slide is done.


The video presentation is done. Click on the video below

Presentation video

The videoconference with Neil is done. I receive positive comments on my work. My presentation begins at 26 minutes.

What has worked? what hasn’t?

CAD design works.

3D printing works.

Electronics design and production works.

2D soustractive works.

Vacuum forming works.

The system is working and produce sprouted seeds more easy and quicker than the traditional manual way of sprouting. It is a cheap way to grow vegetables with high values in vitamins.

What questions need to be resolved?

I plan to make more part with vacuum forming. But due to the limited sized of the available vacuum forming device some parts could not be made. The mold is correct and work perfectly for vacuum form a 1mm material. But for a 3 mm vacuum form, it needs to stretch more on the material. And the limited size around the mold is not enough for the stretching of a thicker material.

What will happen when?

The FabSprout is made. In the future I will be free of several academic rules imposed by the FabAcademy, I understand those rules of building everything from scratch but that is not my way of life .

Future : I am not sure yet if I will push more this model. But I can improve the microcontroler with an ESP32, a nice web interface to have more control and predefined parameters for different kinds of seeds ( in general the same parameter can be applied, but some seeds needs less water). A temperature/humidity sensor could be a real addition to optimise the process.

What have you learned?

I am happy to have shown my comprehension of several techniques in a useful integrated final project.

I would continue to go deeper into the technique on watertight and foodsafe. That is useful for my work at AgriLab, an innovation center and FabLab in Agriculture.