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17. Machine design

This week is to build a working model of our machine that is writing machine to be actuated and automate to fully working condition.

My group members

The electronic parts used

  • Stepper Motor Controller Board
  • Stepper Motor
  • Ribbon Cable connectors

All the accessories we have collected from the Oulu Fablab storeroom. Connections are shown below,

We used the common power supply source in Oulu Fablab, set the voltage as 12 V and current as 600 mA for powering the dc motor. See the initial setup of our testing the electronic parts with python codes which are used last year that is modified by Sahan, Yasir and Alok for our project. See the initial setup of our electronic testing parts,

After testing all motors individually, we connected 2 Y-axis motors and 1 X-axis motors which control the XY movement of Writing board. Silicon hot glue gun is used to attach the X-axis motor to the 2 parallel Y-axis.

Code used

Group Page