Week 15.Mechanical Design

The main objectives are to
-design a machine that includes mechanism+actuation+automation
- build the mechanical parts and operate it manually
- document the group project and your individual contribution

Group work:

A brief introductory was given by the local instructor, including the previous year mechanical design projects and some of the exciting examples from the previous year Fab lab courses. In this week I worked with
to make a mechanical design.

Group photo and Initial sketch

We started by discussing our group project; the Initial idea is to develop a mechanical design of the Elevator and its automation. Later we decided to do something exciting such as a writing machine which can write any type of text or drawing any design on a paper. The best example of writing machine is a CNC machine or laser cutting machine. Our machine will be working on 3 axes in which Z-axis control is for lifting the pen for writing non-continuously. Y-direction will be controlled by the movement of 2 vertical stepper motor setup and X movement and pen holder attached in another stepper motor. The Pen lifting is planned by one servo motor attached in the X-direction supporting axis The three-axis motion is given by stepper motor and servomotor, MDF board is used for the three-axis movement design. More details can be found on the group page for the project.

Individual contribution

For this week assignment, I have contributed by designing the writing bot.It was the initial step for making the design for laser cutting.

To begin with, I took measurements from previous year moving mechanism and tried to make our design accordingly. First I made a single moving mechanism. I included a model for the stepper motor, three rods, and a moving smaller box.

Design on Fusion 360

After that, I made another two copies of it and combined all three to get the final version of the writing bot. I included the model of the pen which will be used to write as well.

Design on Fusion 360

Models files

F3D file for single axis
stl file for single axis
F3D file for three axis
stl file for three axis