Week 19.Invention, intellectual property and income

The assignments for this week were to
-Develop a plan for dissemination of your final project
- Prepare drafts of your summary slide (presentation.png, 1920 x 1080) and video clip

License selection

After comparing and considering different licenses, I am choosing Creative Commons.

Creative commons

Creative Commons license is a copyright license which aims distribute creative work openly. It is common in every license in Creative Commons that the copyright will be retained in an author (licensor) while allowing others to copy, distribute, and derivate their work. Detailed explanation about license is HERE.
There are conditions that the licensor can choose. To choose a license, I should consider following questions:

For my project, I am choosing the attribution license which allows to copy, distribute, display and perform the work and make derivative works and remixes based on my project when people who reuse my project give the credits (attribution) by acknowledgment.
I would like to acknowledge to distribute my project and if someone reuses it for their own project with respect for my work. Therefore I would like to select Creative Commons rather than other licenses.


The MIT license is a permissive license for software originating at MIT. The MIT license allows reusing works with an only very limited restriction that all copies of the licensed software include a copy of the MIT License terms and the copyright notice. I am choosing MIT License for computer software regarding my project.


Fab license allows to reproduce, modify, distribute, perform and display for any purpose. Only the restriction is we need to acknowledge "project name" as we now doing in Fab Academy.

I will not be making any business based on my project although, I would like to use it for research purposes. Since my Fabacademy course is funded by my department I would like to use my project for department projects. For example, it could be used for taking laboratory measurements as well as teaching purposes. Especially it will be a useful tool when taking measurements for the subjects such as Radio Channels and Antenna theory.

Presentation slide

Presentation video